Tuesday, December 02, 2014

what if

I have watched this movie because a friend suggested me, i am not really a romantic comedy girl. And even tough i like Daniel Radcliff and i like Zoe Kazan, and the movie wasn't that bad.. it was STILL a romantic comedy.
So i liked the way the two met, i liked how they ignored each other in front of the theatre, i liked the way their friendship started and continued. Since this is a romantic Hollywood movie the friendship turned into a love affair but i believe, a man and a woman can really be and just be friends. And this is cool. And real. And comforting.
Anyway, so if you love someone with a boy/girlfriend, the situation is helpless. If it were me, i would feel depressed,ture. But i would do anything to forget it and let it go. And i would definitely not fly to Dublin! Who would fly to Dublin??!! Who would even cross the bridge??? What the fuck is this movie talking about? That's why i don't like rom-coms. Even a zombie attack is more real than that. To me, NO MAN would ever do such a big move for love.
Anyway, back to the movie; the worst memories of the two were explained enough. So we understand that the guy is afraid of love because of his parents cheating on each other and divorce and the girl is insecure because her mother died. But, in the end they never get to face with this problems, not even close to solve them.
I agreed with the thing Wallace's friend said, "love is dirty". And it should be. It is "feelings" after all. Who can control them? Feelings are crazy, blind, selfish and not to be trusted. You can fall in love with a married man, and to you this is what love is :) but again, we shouldnt let good things go away easily, if they are not hurting anyone at least .
I was shocked when Ben didn't proposed her in the Asian market, it was soo funny also :)
And if i were her, i would definitely go Taiwan, leave everything behind and be unhappy for the rest of my life.
The things i loved about the movie is the way they chat, it was soo smart and cool and made me soo jealous. I seriosly want a geek friend in my life. The other thing is the girls job, animation.. and of course; The Fool's Gold. Amen.

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