Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Seppeku/ Harakiri

Harakiri looks like one of the movies that we first focus on the story and storytelling. But i believe there was more than that :) the cinematography was impressive. When the ronin and the servant walks to the house lords room, the scene that they walk and behind some bamboo walls, with the same speed and while one is seen the other one is behind the wall and vice versa, that was a captivating scene, i loved it.

The storytelling was successfuly build ( and the editing) the flashbacks made the movie a masterpiece. It captivates the audience as we learn more and more about what really happened.

So the story was touching. Maybe some of the audience quickly changed their minds from "the fake ronin should pay for it" to "the poverty makes people desperate enough to do anything". If you ask me, i never tought it was the right thing to push the man kill himself in such a horrible way in the first place, but i can guess many did so. And i am glad that they got shocked and sorry after completely understanding what had happened before. Even punishing a freud shouldn't mean to loose humane part in us, but when it comes to the samurais things change i suppose. 

I loved the typical Japanese architecture, the minimalism in interior (always makes me wonder, where do these guys put their belongings?) And also, i really really loved the graveyard and the bamboo forest they they walked through while the two man were going to combat. Both the graveyard and the bamboo forest were so unrealistic and beautiful. 

Anyway, back to the story once again, i felt the stress of bluffing so much. When you bluff about something it is stressful enough but when you bluff on your life it is way too horrible and idiotic! The harakiri part was discusting. I am not that kind of sissy who closes her eyes to evey bloody scene but that one is discusting, maybe because it was realistic. 

The actors were so good i adored them esp. Tatsuya Nakadai. The way he looked like a strong father and friend in his good old days, the way he looked helpless, the way he looked wisdom, the way he looked painful.. all soo good.  

There is one thing that really suprised me. The Japan respects suicide. I mean, you can decide how to live but in our culture and religion, you can absolutely never decide how to die. It is not your thing to decide, it is something that will happen to you. Even thinking about it is not welcomed. Death is a taboo. Talking about it is not considered nice. Planning your own death is terrible. If someone commits a suicide people genrally feels pity for him/her. They tend to think "something must be terribly wrong with him/her." Bu in Japan, they respect that. And considering ones killing himself is not easy, they respect that really a lot that they help him :) 
And also, their confident look makes me respect them too. Think of the first lord who did Harakiri. Before killing himself he asked; "i am going to meet Jinna. Do you have any messages for him?" He asked that like he is going to market place to meet a friend. No hesitation, so confident and normal. Wow..  That was quite intresting. 

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