Friday, August 26, 2011

i know a bitch named Karma

i don't believe in karma. i don't believe universe is listening you and ready to give you what you if you really want it. that's bullshit.
when you do something bad, you got punished. if you make a bad desicion, there comes the consequences.
but when you value love, and try not to cheat or lie or be honest to everyone, you never got nothing. when you open the way for others, no other ways are opening for you. and even if you want something really soo bad, it never happens to you.
so, lets cut the crap.
there is no karma.
there is no reward.
still we have to be nice and try to make good choices..
life sucks

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Eylem said...

Kesinlikle...bu olumlu dusunme modasindan kusma geldi artik...