Tuesday, December 14, 2010

working like a dog, nothing else in my life

i want to meet someone i have never met before. i want to travel by train. i want to go to a place i have never been before. i want to try something new. i want to take funny photos and smile in every single one of them. i want a day off! and i want it now! and according to my schedule i can't have it in two weeks!


senaaaaa said...

i have a day off tomorrow, suprizingly!
but of course everybody is busy or don't want to go out because of cold.

justine_therese said...

rüyamda seni gördüm. çok acayipti:D

fragmanlariizle.blogspot.com said...

ı want cry to until morning...and ı want to go to ı have never been before too