Friday, November 19, 2010

from fashion hitler with love!

iyi niyet budalası olduğumu biliyordum ama birilerinin de bana dersimi vermesi gerekiyordu blog.

öncelikle her konuştuğumuzda beni üzen, hala canımı acıtan, burnu havada, kulakları tıkalı, sabit fikirli, duvarlarının arkasına saklanmış korkak biri için dilin çok ama çok uzun!

and now, i really really wish that you meet a girl who will burn your soul like you did to mine, who will misunderstand and judge you like you did to me, who will break your heart into tiny tiny pieces like you did to mine, who will NEVER try to understand or cheerp you up like you NEVER did to me, i really would like to see you with a normal girl, with an ordinary girl mind, just to see you suffer and i would have a sip from my drink and that would be my moment.

A few days ago all i wanted was to finish this nonsense seperation, stop the war and go home.
But war is not over, and honey, i can fight the hell out of you...

and for all the things you are going to say; in advance; shut the fuck up!

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